Camp the World
1NITE TENT works like couchsurfing but outdoors. The online map allows individual travelers to camp on private grounds. For one night, for free.

We experienced "Allemansrätten" in Sweden. That means everyone is allowed to camp everywhere for one night, for free. Back in Germany we missed this right and launched 1NITE TENT in July 2018. To date, we've collected more than fifty private grounds you can camp on for free in Germany, and we'd like to go international!

Our project has been self-financed and low budget. Now we´re the lucky winners of the DIY-Dein Mobilitätsprojekt competition, so we are supported by the VCD.

You´re invited to camp with 1NITE TENT and to spread the idea of free, slow, and sustainable travel.

– Anne-Sophie and Patrick