Photo: LauraAustin
Location: Verana, Mexico


Stunning Holiday Homes
At BoutiqueHomes, we curate holiday destinations and create exquisite design vacation experiences around the world.

BoutiqueHomes will present three destinations: VERANA, FAR MEADOW, and the MONOCABIN. Both Verana and Far Meadow are designed by the owners of BoutiqueHomes, while the Monocabin is a prefab in Greece that is available for rent or purchase through the BoutiqueHomes website. Verana is a remote hotel, only accessible by boat in Mexico, intended for travelers looking for beauty, intimacy, tranquility, and privacy. Far Meadow is three A-Frames in the High Sierras near Yosemite but removed from the crowds. It's classic design where you’d least expect it, conceived of as a retreat for chic nomads.