Fairaway | Better Places Travel

Tailored Local Tourism
Fairaway | Better Places Travel offer unique, high-quality travel experiences focused on nature and the local population. 100% tailor-made, we put you directly in contact with a local travel expert, and together you’ll design your ideal travel experience. Easy, affordable, and sustainable – and with all the insider tips you need to make your journey truly exceptional.

Under the motto "Better Places to Live In, Better Places to Visit," the Fairaway | Better Places (Travel) network first started operating in the Netherlands in 2014. Our mission: boosting the positive impact of tourism and ensuring that better places to travel remain good places to live. Due to our success in the Netherlands, we expanded into Germany in 2016 (Fairaway) and English-speaking markets in 2017 (Better Places Travel). A fast-growing travel platform offering 100% tailor-made, high-quality travel experiences with a focus on nature and the local population.