PiNCAMP powered by ADAC

Campsite Booking – Anywhere, Anytime
PiNCAMP is the camping portal of the ADAC, where campers can search, find, reserve, and book campsites easily and quickly.

Founded in early 2018, PiNCAMP counted over 9,000 campsites in 8,500 destinations with nearly 5,000 images with its official launch on November 6, 2018. With its state-of-the-art design and optimization for all mobile devices, PiNCAMP makes it easy for campers to search, find, and reserve the perfect campsite – anywhere, anytime. The camping start-up of the ADAC, the largest automobile association in Europe, provides information and inspiration with regular news, travelogues, interviews, and camping trips. The team of twenty-five online experts aims to digitize the camping industry.