Photo: Christian Perl
Location: Lobby at Superbude St. Georg

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Urban Magic
When we travel in today’s cosmos, we want to experience something special, something different, something that stays in our hearts – even after we say goodbye. Come with our friends and us into hidden backyards and count on locals’ choices to read events, tips, and hotspots.

We want to evolve with the city we visit, with its people and finally become part of it. Welcome to Hamburg and Vienna, welcome to Superbude.

With our Superbude hotels in Hamburg St. Pauli, Hamburg St. Georg, and coming soon in Vienna, we open the doors to lively scenes and the real city vibes. We meet travelers, explorers, and the makers from the neighborhood. We enhance creativity, ideas, and magic moments. We welcome you in our open home. We want to be a platform for a community of guests, employees, and locals to inspire exchange about the coolest events in our cities. You are welcome!