Location: Sacrower See, Brandenburg, Germany

Take Me to the Lakes | The Gentle Temper Design Book Publishing

Gorgeous Guides for Local Getaways
Take Me to the Lakes is a local design guide for serene lakes, hidden bathing spots, and weekend getaways near the water. Berlin, Munich, and NRW.

Take Me to the Lakes zooms in on a hand-picked selection of serene lakes and hidden weekend getaways near the water in and around Berlin, Munich, and NRW. It is a marriage between limnology, photography, design, recreation, relaxation, and wanderlust.

The Gentle Temper is an independent publishing house in Berlin focused on design, travel, and culture. Instead of treating paper and displays as rivals, The Gentle Temper seeks to forge experiences by creating an intersection of both worlds and thus develops projects that invite readers to take action into their own hands.