Annie Mumladze & Ana Svanidze

Fabrika Hostel
For three years, Annie and Ana have worked together at Adjara Group, a leading regional company growing rapidly in the areas of hospitality, lifestyle development, and agro-preneurship in Georgia.

Anna Mumladze, as a sociologist working in the hospitality sphere, believes that Tbilisi is transforming into the cultural capital of the "New East." She is fascinated by observing and being part of the collective rethinking process of the Soviet past and finding Georgia's new identity.

Ana Svanidze, who describes herself as an adventurer and a restless explorer, is always fascinated by the energy and dynamics that revolve around the hospitality industry. With her professional experience – spanning working for the governmental Tourism Board of Georgia to her latest personal initiative of a mobile and sustainable travel startup – Ana has been part of the exciting process of putting Georgia on the minds of passionate globetrotters, establishing Tbilisi as an innovative, vibrant, and proud host.