Ayhan Yuruk

Ayhan Yuruk takes online brands offline.
As a creative thinker and former retail executive, Yuruk has developed numerous concepts for e-commerce companies and is partnering with both startups and established brands such as Visa, Cartier, Ermenegildo Zegna, Roland Berger, Villeroy&Boch, LalaBerlin and many more.

Ayhan Yuruk founded #SHOWROOMING, a Berlin-based experiential retail agency, to help online brands create unique experiences at any scale and that also go beyond product and sales. As a creative think tank for innovative retail technology, #SHOWROOMING provides literally the future of retail.

Ayhan is joining the Berlin Travel Festival for Shop Shift – A Trend Lab for Creative Minds on Friday. In his talk, he looks to an imagined future, one where Airbnb joins the world of brick and mortar. What would the space look like? What kind of retail technology might be implemented? How might they rethink the customer journey? And, how could a physical location actually drive an increase in online traffic? Ayhan brings his years of experience in tech-driven retail to offer insights into the real and potential futures of omnichannel presence.