Cedrik Strahm

Graphic Designer, Photographer
Cédrik Strahm, graphic designer, photographer, and producer, was born in Morges in 1983. Since he was very young, he's been passionate about graphic arts and its various media such as design or photography. Yet, it is his attraction to video and film that pushed him to cross the Atlantic to begin his career in creative arts in Burbank, a neighborhood north of Los Angeles and bastion of the largest production studios in the world. It’s the starting point; learning English and the basics of the creative process.

Today, and in addition to his activities as Art Director at l’elixir creative agency in Montreux, he is constantly on the lookout, with his DSLR camera, for strong images from around the world. His travels have taken him to more than forty countries on five continents. Since 2007, he has organized several autonomous photographic expeditions in remote places, in search of wildlife and natural beauties. From the Arctic Gateway National Park in northern Alaska to the unique geological landscapes of Iceland to the Okavango Delta, it is around this constant search for freedom and communion with nature that he organizes his travels.