Dastan Kasmamytov

LGBT Activist, Mountaineer
Dastan is a true globetrotter: he has lived in five countries, visited around fifty countries, and speaks five languages. He was born in Kyrgyzstan. In his home country, he learned to love nature, to appreciate its beauty, and to enjoy hiking, snowboarding, mountaineering, and rock-climbing. In his professional life, he is a programmer. In addition, he is a gay activist. He was one of the first Kyrgyz who openly came out in the media. This brought to a backlash that forced him to continue his education in Norway.

Dastan was inspired by Seven Summits after he managed to cycle from his birthplace, Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, to his new home city, Berlin in Germany. As a former LGBT activist in Kyrgyzstan and a passionate nature lover and a (digital) nomad, he is trying to build up a gay team to conquer all seven summits aiming at the visibility of LGBT across the world and at inspiring young LGBT to believe in their powers and abilities to change the world around. If successful, Dastan will be the first Central Asian who has conquered all seven summits.