Katrin Witt

Yoga Teacher, NOSADE – Yoga Retreats
For almost fifteen years, you’ve been able to find nomadic heart Katrin on the mat. She found peace and strength in her yoga practice from the very beginning – serenity and gratitude followed. The desire being able to pass this on to others was the impulse behind her first yoga teacher training in 2013 in India at the Ashiyana Yoga Centre and aroused her interest in yoga and holistic life approaches. Additionally, it is Katrin’s heartfelt desire to integrate yoga into a normal life, to practice with fun and joy and to submit no overlying strict dogmas.

Katrin lives in Berlin and teaches mainly Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Pilates. In each class, she encourages her students to take a step towards the path to themselves. She can be found either in her home country Germany or on a roof terrace over Marrakech, in the vastness of the Moroccan Desert or on the raw, pure beachfront of the Atlantic Ocean where her surfer's heart takes her on a regular basis.