Kim Whitaker

Co-Founder, Once Travel
Kim founded her first hostel at age 23 called 33 South Backpackers after being inspired by a year of travel abroad. She went on to co-found Once in Cape Town in 2013 and Once in Johannesburg in 2016. A third hotel will be opening in 2019 in Cape Town and their presence will continue to expand through Africa. Once Travel opens up the African continent for the young at heart, the adventurer and the storyteller to live real experiences.

In 2017, Kim also founded a non-profit in South Africa, called Khwela Tourism Stars. It's purpose is to train and enable impassioned youth to learn and be proficient in tourism. After completing an accredited online learning course, the students embark on a 3 week road trip to complete practical learning and experience tourism in South Africa first hand. Thereafter they complete a 5 month paid internship in leading South African tourism businesses. The end goal is to employ talented youth in tourism businesses, and alleviate the 67% youth unemployment statistic in South