Body Movers
Rachel & Balazs founded Hoopla!Berlin in 2005 after discovering that adults in beach side communities in California were making and playing with big adult-size hula hoops for dance and body movement. Rachel, an artist who had studied dance for years and Balazs, an ex-MTB racer, took to hooping like ducks to water. Realizing the positive body, mind and health potentials derived from simply spinning and ‘playing’ with these big beautiful ‘toys’, they decided to start spreading the word about the benefits of hooping in their new home of Berlin.

After some research and development, they started manufacturing hoops in Berlin. Their design is based on the Californian concept of big-body-hoops, but updated to be more versatile and easily transportable …because a) they are passionate travellers and wanted to take the hoops with them b) hooping on a beach is next to heaven and c) they found that travelling with a hoop radically increased the chances of meeting lovely people and forming lifelong friendships.

Along with making and selling Travel-Hoops, they also came up with a program of over 160 moves for freestyle hooping, which they teach in their 10 regular weekly classes in Berlin. They have also introduced thousands more people to the goodness inside a hoop through their Workshops, countless interActive HoopZones at private, public and corporate events throughout Europe (…yes they are available to hire). They’ve also got to travel quite a bit with their hoops, from being invited to present hooping at the Deutsche Pavilion at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai as part of the new Berlin cultural landscape, to Ibiza HoopRetreats, to performing world-wide.

Their concept and drive is to make hooping easily accessible to every-body, to have everyone try out a proper adult-size hoop and feel the amazing benefits inside.

Come try one at Berlin Travel Festival in the Inter-Active Hoopla!HoopZone.