Sophie Bagheri

Business Development Manager, Once Travel
Sophie Bagheri is Business Development Manager of Once Travel and co-founder of Kiff Kombi Tours, both South African based companies. She has lived in Africa for almost 3 years, after getting an opportunity to relocate to South Africa from Australia. She gained 3 years of experience as a travel agent with STA Travel in Brisbane and Cape Town and travelled on and off, backpacking Europe, South America, Bali and Africa. At the start of 2017 she continued her career in travel with the startup of Kiff Kombi Tours, a day tour company which showcases Cape Town from a unique perspective. It provides consumers the opportunity to discover untouched cultural landmarks and scenic landscapes while being fueled by the city's best wine and beer selections.

Sophie is now full time with her commitment and passion towards working on developing Once Travel. She is passionate about bridging the gap between both South African locals and tourists by promoting beneficial cultural exchange via inclusive local experiences. Her goal in working at Once Travel is to change any preconceived ideas about travel destinations by providing tourists with diverse and eye-opening opportunities.