Steven Boylan

CEO & Co-Founder, trtlabs
After studying Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, Steven moved into Online & Mobile Marketing where he worked internationally for more than 12 years. In this period he gained experience working with household names and digital innovators, always bringing his passion for technology and innovation to his clients in order to push boundaries and grow sales. His work in digital marketing gave him a deep understanding of the travel sector, its challenges and its potential in the digital era…and beyond! He is currently CEO & CoFounder of trtlabs, a Berlin based startup focusing on creating meaningful products with high technology.

Steven's talk is part of Shop Shift – A Trend Lab for Creative Minds, on Friday at Berlin Travel Festival.

He will be presenting a new concept – Value Added Rental. Based on trtlabs’ work at Sublimotion – the world’s most technological restaurant – Steven will explain how they are making high quality immersive experiences easy for the travel sector. High tech immersive experiences were always difficult for the tourism market. Complicated roll-outs and expensive hardware made top quality, interactive Virtual Reality a nice to have experience and not a real-reality for tourist sites. They are changing this with Value Added Rental. Steven will explain how they developed this concept through their partnership with the world's most expensive restaurant and how they are now offering hi-tech solutions to the tourism industry as one simple package - Value Added Rental.