Tomislav Perko

Traveler, Speaker & Author
Tomislav is a traveler, speaker, and author.

Traveler, because in the last ten years he spent more time on the road than home. Mainly hitchhiking, couchsurfing, volunteering, sailing across the ocean, getting to know the unknown world around him with little money in his pocket.
Speaker, because he held over 300 talks about his travels. On TEDx conferences, universities, festivals, libraries, companies, even in jail.
Author. because he wrote and self-published two books.

He adores playing badminton. If he can fall in love with a meal, he would be madly in love with a smoothie he makes for himself every morning. He loves being behind a bar, making cocktails. He prefers listening to talking, even though it really depends on the talker. He calls Zagreb his home.