Veronika Mercks

Educational Initiative, Navigaia Journeys
Veronika Mercks was born in 1988 in Berlin. She loves to unleash potential, to create learning experiences, and to re-think education, especially for young people. Veronika had the great opportunity to travel and to live abroad at a young age, which was for her personally the best education she could have gotten in order to broaden her horizon and new perspectives.

After her studies and several jobs in the NPO sector, Veronika worked for two years in a school with young people. After that, she went on a backpacking journey through Africa and India. She returned after almost nine months with a bag full of experiences, personal growth, and challenges she overcame. For the last year and a half, Veronika has been working on the educational initiative “Navigaia Journeys.” They inspire and encourage people to travel individually, seek out one’s own and authentic life path, and step into the unknown. Navigaia Journeys works to ensure that people travel consciously and responsibly.